• CoolIsraël: Graffiti in Tel-aviv


    Sur ce site, un autre regard sur Israël, que celui trop souvent véhiculé, par ses détracteurs:


    Cool Israel was created in May 2008.

    The main area of focus of our website is known to marketers as Cool Hunting. Cool observes and predicts new cool trends all around this amazing country.

    Fashion, Music, Technology, Photography, TV, Architecture and more.

    We hope to receive your feedback. Enjoy your visit.

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    What is Asper?

    The Asper Institute for New Media Diplomacy focuses on the study and use of new media technologies in telling Israel’s story to the world. The unique capabilities of these new technologies allow innovative communication and enable us to present Israel from different, and perhaps unexpected, angles. Use of new media also helps us reach new and more varied audiences than reached by the traditional media.

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