• Les statuts du meeting du cabinet israélien


    Statement Following the Israeli Security Cabinet Meeting, du 20 juin 2010

    ces statuts sont en anglais, j'essayerais de les traduire en français, ...merci

    Israel’s policy is to protect its citizens against terror, rocket and other attacks from Gaza.   In seeking to keep weapons and war materiel out of Gaza while liberalizing the system by which civilian goods enter Gaza, the Government of Israel has decided to implement the following steps as quickly as possible:

    1.     Publish a list of items not permitted into Gaza that is limited to weapons and war materiel, including problematic dual-use items.  All items not on this list will be permitted to enter Gaza.

    2.      Enable and expand the inflow of dual-use construction materials for approved PA-authorized projects (schools, health facilities, water, sanitation, etc.) that are under international supervision and for housing projects such as the U.N. housing development being completed at Khan Yunis.  Israel intends to accelerate the approval of such projects in accordance with accepted mechanisms and procedures.

    3.      Expand operations at the existing operating land crossings, thereby enabling the processing of a significantly greater volume of goods through the crossings and the expansion of economic activity. 

    4.      Add substantial capacity at the existing operating land crossings and, as more processing capacity becomes necessary and when security concerns are fully addressed, open additional land crossings.

    5.      Streamline the policy of permitting the entry and exit of people for humanitarian and medical reasons and that of employees of international aid organizations that are recognized by the GOI.  As conditions improve, Israel will consider additional ways to facilitate the movement of people to and from Gaza. 

    6.  Israel will continue to facilitate the expeditious inspection and delivery of goods bound for Gaza through the port of Ashdod. 
    Israel welcomes cooperation and coordination with its international and regional partners in implementing this policy and will continue to discuss with them additional ways to advance this policy.

    The current security regime for Gaza will be maintained.  Israel reiterates that along with the U.S., EU and others, it considers Hamas a terrorist organization.  The international community must insist on a strict adherence to the Quartet principles regarding Hamas.
    Hamas took over Gaza and turned it into a hostile territory from which Hamas prepares and carries out attacks against Israel and its citizens. 

    The Israel Defense Forces will continue to prevent the flow into and out of Gaza of terrorist operatives, weapons, war material and dual use items which enhance the military capability of Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza.   Israel calls on the international community to stop the smuggling of weapons and war materials into Gaza.

    Gilad Shalit is approaching four years in captivity.  The international community should join Israel in strongly condemning those who hold him captive and in redoubling their efforts to secure his immediate release.

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  • Blocus et fondement légaux


    Méditons encore et toujours sur ces paroles de Madame Golda Méir, Premier Ministre d’Israel, : « Nous pouvons pardonner aux palestiniens de tuer nos enfants, mais nous ne pourrons jamais leur pardonner de nous obliger à tuer leurs enfants. La Paix viendra quand les Arabes aimeront leurs enfants plus qu'ils ne nous haïssent."».7

    Le blocus contre Gaza est légal


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  • Le fossé s'aggrandit, la paix s'éloigne : 3 l'abordage


    partie 3

    Je suis triste car, on ne peut que regretter les mors, la mort surtout inutile et qui aurait pu être évitée.

    Je suis triste car, l'engoument des médias à relayer cette affaire est démesurée et se propage comme une onde de choc.

    Je suis triste de constater, que tout les erreurs sont amplifiées,

    Je suis triste de réaliser combien les gens- sont prêts à condamner Israël sans autre forme de procès, de condamner avant de juger, avant même de comprendre.

    je suis triste de toujours voir les mêmes mots de haine, de ceux qui veulent la guerre,

    je suis triste pour ces lâches anonymes, antisémite qui aggressent et se font passer pour victimes

    Je suis triste de lire, les mots de haine, les appels déjà au Jihad (à la révolte islamique) à la révolte surtout contre Israël.

    Je suis triste de voir, la paix s'éloigner,les chances de vivre en paix, s'égrainer jusqu'à devenir impossible.

    je suis triste de réaliser que les provocateurs aujourd'hui ont choisis le prix du sang, plutôt que la paix pour soi-disant faire avancer leur cause.

    je suis triste car je vois, le fossé s'aggrandir entre Israël et les nations.


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