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    6 soups and stews from Israel to warm you this winter

    These hearty dishes will make you forget about the cold weather.

    A good soup can warm your body from the inside. When winter begins, so too do people's cravings for steamy bowls of broth. The cuisine of every country that experiences cold weather has at least a few trademark soups and stews. The best of these recipes are often exported to other four-season places around the globe. 

    This is the case in Israel, which has a cuisine that features a number of warming soups and stews that have been introduced by immigrants over centuries. These dishes are a worthwhile addition to anyone's menu of cold weather comfort foods. Here are six of the best soups and stews that have found their way into the cuisine of Israel.

    Shakshouka is an egg dish that has many different versions. The traditional recipe is quite simple: eggs poached in a tomato sauce spiced with peppers. Often, crushed garlic, fresh herbs or cumin are added to the stew as flavor enhancers. Modern incarnations of this popular dish are sometimes topped with cheese, sour cream or chili sauce. Many people see Shakshouka as a breakfast food because the main ingredient is egg. In Israel and the Mediterranean region, however, it is often eaten at dinnertime. A variation of this dish is popular in Tunisia, and it was brought to Israel by immigrants from that country.  voir les autres recettes sur le site:



  • Statistique des guerres….


    Depuis 1960 en Afrique : total des morts (guerre-massacre) : 9 millions 




    source http://www.statistiques-mondiales.com/afrique_guerres.htm


    voir aussi :

    liste des conflits et des nombres de morts on remarque qu'avec 22000 morts depuis 1948, le conflit "israelo-palestinien" n'a pas fait autant de morts que des conflits dont on parle peu-jamais ou rarement dans les médias.

    source :http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_des_guerres_modernes

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