Netanyahu hails Israel’s ‘leading role’ in addressing climate change

PM uses local innovations in solar, agricultural and irrigation technology as example of effectively combating global crisis

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday praised Israel for playing a “leading role” in addressing climate change, and pointed to the country’s innovations in environmental technology as an example of effectively addressing the global crisis.

Speaking to some 150 world leaders attending a UN summit in Paris aimed at forging an agreement to stave off global warming, Netanyahu called on the international community to “focus on the security, not just of the nations of the world, but of the world itself.”

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15 of Israel's environmental wonders

Israel's varied climate and intriguing geology has shaped breathtaking formations across the country.

banias-falls.jpg.1145x0_q71_crop-scale.jpgBreathtaking natural sights

When it comes to nature, Israel has it all: sandy beaches with sunset views, green trees and fields, solemn desert, fascinating geological formations and more. The country itself may be small, under 300 miles long and about 85 miles across, but what it lacks in area it makes up for in diverse, beautiful scenery. 

In a single day, you could drive across Israel and see mountains, forests, scenic streams, a vast desert – and if you've got the snorkeling equipment, a colorful coral reef. Take a virtual look for yourself as we highlight some of the most remarkable landmarks and waterscapes Israel has to offer.

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agamon hula sous la neige






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il a neigé à Jerusalem

11017079_10152568374320836_1812047760503058521_n.jpg?oh=42486df3fc7c8704e78866cfb697256b&oe=55519C71&__gda__=1435912462_99fc12a7056dbf8cac03f6957abef778d'autres photos ici http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4628929,00.html


10 top places to see israels spring flowers

Right now is the peak season for Israel’s brilliant wildflowers. Try these spots for some of the best viewing of anemones, cyclamen, irises and more.

sraelis really love their kalanit (anemone), rakefet (cyclamen), narkis (narcissus), tourmus (lupine) and other wildflowers. They love them so much that they almost picked them into extinction, but in the past 50 years legislation and education have assured that springtime in Israel is a riot of color just about everywhere you look.

For those who are lucky enough to be in Israel during the peak wildflower season of mid-February to late March, ISRAEL21c offers this list of 10 awesome sites to see beauty growing wild.

Our recommendations come from two experts: Elisha Mizrahi of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) and professional photographer Yehoshua Halevi, who is working on an ebook about photographing Israel through the seasons.

They tell ISRAEL21c that it’s not just wildflowers but also blossoming fruit trees that make this time of year so spectacular. Look for almond and cherry blossoms as you travel the country.

1.Scarlet South Festival 

There’s still some time to take advantage of the yearly Scarlet South Festival in the northwestern Negev, produced in conjunction with KKL-JNF. Each Friday (from 9 to 3) and Saturday (9 to 4) throughout February, the public is invited to enjoy free tours through the red carpets of anemones in the Reim Recreation Area and the Ruhama Forest. But if you miss the festival, there’s still plenty of color to see in March and April.




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