Jérusalem : au moins 3 morts dans un attentat terroriste

on se lève et voici les nouvelles, sans doute des "gens" qui souhaitaient profondément la paix.

Merci l'UE & co de continuer à soutenir ces "gens" (gens entre guillemet, vous comprendrez qu'on se demande si ils appartiennent encore à la race humaine)

2 hommes seraient entrés dans la synagogue au moment de la prière matinale en attaquant les fidèles à la hache. Au moins trois morts et plusieurs blessés ont été signalés après une attaque à l’entrée d’une synagogue dans le quartier de Har Nof à Jérusalem mardi matin (rue Agassi) selon des rapports préliminaires.


Voir en ligne : http://www.i24news.tv/fr/actu/inter...

Les circonstances de l’événement sont encore inconnues. Certaines sources font état d’un attentat à la hâche et au couteau mené par deux hommes armés, qui seraient entrés au moment de la prière matinale dans la synagogue en attaquant les fidèles.

Les secours et les forces de police sont arrivés sur place et ont encadré la synagogue









1. Operation "Hospitals of Hope": Israel’s contribution to the fight against Ebola

On Tuesday, 11 November 2014, Operation “Hospitals of Hope” was launched. The operation, which cost 1.2 million shekels, is a project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is Israel’s contribution to the global fight against the Ebola virus. Israel will send two containers of medical equipment to each of the affected countries– Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The equipment includes mobile clinics with a capacity of 20 beds each, protective equipment, a treatment cart and everything needed to set up the clinics quickly and start treating patients immediately. After the containers arrive at their destinations, teams will be sent to instruct local teams in setting up the clinics, after which they will assume responsibility for running the facilities.  In addition, various NGOs will recruit Israeli doctors to assist the local operators of the clinics.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also sending medical teams to Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire to advise the local residents on preparedness and prevention. This is in addition to large donations of equipment and medications to Sierra Leone, protective kits to the African Union, and other activities.

"Hospitals of Hope" follows other operations in which Israel has sent aid to disaster-struck regions. In the present case, as in the past, Israel is calling upon its vast experience in the area of field medicine to aid another country in need.

read more http://embassies.gov.il/UnGeneva/NewsAndEvents/Pages/Operation-Hospitals-of-Hope-11-November-2014-.aspx


Hamas deuxième groupe terroriste le plus riche du monde

Le Hamas est l’une des deux organisations terroristes les plus riches au monde, en deuxième place derrière ISIS selon Forbes Israël.

Pour financer leurs opérations, les groupes terroristes utilisent parfois des méthodes similaires à celles utilisées par des organisations criminelles, telles que le trafic de drogue, le vols et l’extorsion, mais également des levées de fonds grâce à des organismes de bienfaisance, de dons et, dans certains cas, des organismes gouvernementaux, selon le rapport. Une organisation terroriste, comme toute autre organisation de grande taille, a un modèle d’entreprise pour financer ses activités : la maintenance, les salaires et les formations, l’acquisition d’armes et des véhicules.

L’organisation terroriste la plus riche aujourd’hui – et dans l’histoire – est l’État islamique. Selon Forbes, le groupe islamiste, également connu sous les acronymes ISIS ou ISIL, a un chiffre d’affaires annuel de 2 milliards de dollars. Le Hamas vient en seconde position, avec un revenu annuel de 1 milliard de dollars.




Le tramway à jerusalem

Le "tramway de la paix était sollicité par le maire de la ville: afin de faire coexister juifs et musulmans, laïcs et religieux, d’ouest en est,

Le quotidien des usagers : Caillassage, agressions ou attentats à la voiture-bélier par des terroristes -proche du hamas-: et même des morts  pour les usagers juifs,  dont un bébé de 3 mois

Sans doute un message de paix - des palestiniens.



Israel's Decision not to Cooperate with the UNHRC Investigative Committee

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)


13 November 2014



Given that the Schabas committee is not a commission of inquiry but rather a committee of foregone conclusions pretending to conduct an investigation before publishing its conclusions and following consultations among the relevant people, the government has decided Israel will not cooperate with the committee established by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate the conflict between Hamas and Israel (summer 2014). This decision was made taking into account the council’s obsessive hostility towards Israel, the committee’s one-sided mandate and the publicly expressed anti-Israel positions of the committee’s chair.


While Hamas launched thousands of rockets at Israel, the Human Rights Council decided in advance that Israel was guilty and established a committee to act as a rubber stamp for its known positions. This is evident in the fact that the committee was instructed to investigate only the events occurring after the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas terrorists. Further evidence of bias can be seen in the appointment of Prof. William Schabas – who is known for his anti-Israel views – to head the committee.


Some examples of Schabas’ anti-Israel statements:


7 January 2013: “My favorite would be Netanyahu within the dock of the International Criminal Court” (in connection with Operation Cast Lead in 2009, when Netanyahu was head of the opposition).


In 26 December 2010 he wrote: Netanyahu is “the single individual most likely to threaten the survival of Israel.” 


Again in connection with Operation Cast Lead, Schabas said, “Why are we prosecuting the president of Sudan for Darfur at the International Criminal Court, and not President Peres for Gaza?”


Schabas has also defended past president of Iran, Ahmadinejad, and claimed that his repeated calls “to wipe Israel off the map” were not calls to genocide, but merely “political opinions”.


In media interviews, Schabas refuses to call Hamas a terror organization, although it is defined as such in the United States, the European Union, Britain, Canada, and numerous other countries.


The Council’s obsessive treatment of Israel since its establishment, revealed in its disproportionate focus on Israel and its unjust accusations against it, the unreasonable mandate [of the committee] and appointment [of its chair] prove once again that the Human Rights Council has betrayed its original purpose – instead of investigating war crimes perpetrated by terror organizations such as Hamas, the Council has again chosen to focus blame on Israel while granting legitimacy to terrorism.


Israel is committed to international law and in all of its actions during Operation Protective Edge adhered to the standards and rules incumbent upon states fighting terrorism. In contrast, Hamas deliberately committed heinous war crimes.


Israel has already set in motion investigations into the events of Operation Protective Edge in accordance with the highest international standards.



A mosque burning Tuesday night near Ramallah may not have been the result of attack by extremist Jews

Police unsure of motives behind burned West Bank mosque

Officials say incident does not match previous ‘price tag’ attacks, though they are unable to conduct full investigation

A mosque burning Tuesday night near Ramallah may not have been the result of attack by extremist Jews, Israeli Police assessed Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday morning Palestinian officials reported a mosque, in the Palestinian town of al-Mughayir near Ramallah, was burned overnight. The first floor of the mosque was set on fire, causing extensive damage to the site.

Contrary to accusations by residents of the village, the incident did not coincide with previous “price tag” attack patterns, leading police to believe the mosque was not burned for ideological reasons, Channel 10 reported.



The world’s fastest growing

The world’s fastest growing faith is not Islam!

Here in Europe, there is much talk about the decline of Christianity. Each year, more and more Catholics, Lutherans and Anglicans leave the faith, more and more churches close their doors or become mosques. In the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, it is said that references to Christmas in public events and decorations are now verboten – one can only say “Happy Winterfest”. In the Middle East, jihadists are expelling the world’s oldest Christian communities or just slaughtering them outright. Only 30 years ago, Christians were about 20% of the population of the Levant; now they are down to 3% and sinking fast – except for the Christians lucky enough to live in Israel.

We read statistics about the skyrocketing Muslim birthrate in the EU countries and the tens of thousands of Europeans who convert to Islam each year. Yet, in spite of all this, there is another faith – a recent religion – that has far surpassed the surging wave of Islam.



I call it Palestinianism. This is not to be confused with Islam, neither Shi’a nor Sunni. To join the fast-swelling herd of Palestinianites, one does not need to learn the Quran or avoid pork and alcohol or wear a veil or grow a beard or even believe in Allah. You do not even have to care about the Arabs self-identified as Palestinians. There is only one thing required of you. You must hate the Jewish State of Israel with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might

 Read more: http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/the-worlds-fastest-growing-faith-is-not-islam-2/