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étrange les messages de paix des arabes de bethleem et d'ailleurs….


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Palestinian incitement through cartoons 19.11.14

A recent wave of horrific terror attacks by Palestinian terrorists on Israeli citizens is entrenched in an encouraging environment and culture of hatred based on systematic incitement. Below is only a glimpse of a method used to incite people and to glorify martyrdom within the Palestinian society – CARTOONS. Palestinian incitement looks like this image posted by the Hamas spokesman within hours of yesterday's terrorist attack, killing 5 and wounding 8 Israelis.


Israel and UNDP Ethiopia Sign Cooperation Agreement

Israel and UNDP Ethiopia Sign Cooperation Agreement





From left to right: UNDP Country Director Samuel Bwalya; Deputy Head of MASHAV Ilan Fluss; Israel Ambassador to Ethiopia Belaynesh Zevadia; Israel's Deputy Head of Mission Leo Vinovezky

Copyright: Courtesy of UNDP


The agreement was signed in Addis Ababa (October 29th) by Deputy Head of MASHAV (Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation) , Ilan Fluss, and UNDP Ethiopia Country Director, Samuel Bwalya, under the auspices of the Israeli Embassy in Ethiopia, and is guided by MASHAV and UNDP’s common focus on demand-driven and impact-oriented programs. It is yet another representation of the ongoing development cooperation between the two organizations.


The bilateral development cooperation agreement includes transferring technical knowledge and innovation to Ethiopia in the fields of agriculture, entrepreneurship, private sector development and gender mainstreaming.

Within this collaborative framework, support to Ethiopia will continue primarily on enhancing agricultural systems that add value to agricultural production thus fueling entrepreneurship and private sector growth.


Read more about MASHAV-UNDP Cooperation Agreement




comment les arabes à Bethleem …fêtent l'assassinat des juifs

Les Arabes à Bethleem, Jerusalem, Gaza fêtent le massacre de la synagogue hier matin. Quatre fidèles ont été assassinés dans la synagogue et un des policiers, grièvement blessé est également mort. Photos des célébrations ici => http://virtualjerusalem.com/news.php?Itemid=15015

surement un message de paix caché…!!




les photos (attention pas pour les enfants) Jerusalem ce matin

les photos des messagers de la paix du hamas & co

(attention pas pour les enfants)1401175_876831062341324_1927019247104684569_o.jpg


think Cyber 2014 -- Israel at the forefront of Cyber Technology


The accelerating cyber revolution of recent years altered the world we live in, with ever changing threats and opportunities flowing between the physical domain we were born to and the virtual realm we created. All of that has inevitably inspired the introduction of innovative concepts, products and services in a variety of technological fields.

Successful adaptation to these rapid dynamics makes it essential to be vigilant in the face of constantly evolving challenges and solutions. Israel stands in the forefront of the cyber security world and is a world leader in R&D in the field. Israel hosts a number of International Exhibitions & Conferences for Cyber Solutions, and brings together leading multi-national companies, hundreds of start-ups, private and corporate investors, venture capital firms and experts. 

As a technology and business driven country Israel has joined the world cyber community in its study and pursuit of groundbreaking cyber defense solutions for numerous sectors and their unique needs.


WATCH VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvjGi8fkt6w

Jérusalem : au moins 3 morts dans un attentat terroriste

on se lève et voici les nouvelles, sans doute des "gens" qui souhaitaient profondément la paix.

Merci l'UE & co de continuer à soutenir ces "gens" (gens entre guillemet, vous comprendrez qu'on se demande si ils appartiennent encore à la race humaine)

2 hommes seraient entrés dans la synagogue au moment de la prière matinale en attaquant les fidèles à la hache. Au moins trois morts et plusieurs blessés ont été signalés après une attaque à l’entrée d’une synagogue dans le quartier de Har Nof à Jérusalem mardi matin (rue Agassi) selon des rapports préliminaires.


Voir en ligne : http://www.i24news.tv/fr/actu/inter...

Les circonstances de l’événement sont encore inconnues. Certaines sources font état d’un attentat à la hâche et au couteau mené par deux hommes armés, qui seraient entrés au moment de la prière matinale dans la synagogue en attaquant les fidèles.

Les secours et les forces de police sont arrivés sur place et ont encadré la synagogue









1. Operation "Hospitals of Hope": Israel’s contribution to the fight against Ebola

On Tuesday, 11 November 2014, Operation “Hospitals of Hope” was launched. The operation, which cost 1.2 million shekels, is a project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is Israel’s contribution to the global fight against the Ebola virus. Israel will send two containers of medical equipment to each of the affected countries– Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The equipment includes mobile clinics with a capacity of 20 beds each, protective equipment, a treatment cart and everything needed to set up the clinics quickly and start treating patients immediately. After the containers arrive at their destinations, teams will be sent to instruct local teams in setting up the clinics, after which they will assume responsibility for running the facilities.  In addition, various NGOs will recruit Israeli doctors to assist the local operators of the clinics.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also sending medical teams to Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire to advise the local residents on preparedness and prevention. This is in addition to large donations of equipment and medications to Sierra Leone, protective kits to the African Union, and other activities.

"Hospitals of Hope" follows other operations in which Israel has sent aid to disaster-struck regions. In the present case, as in the past, Israel is calling upon its vast experience in the area of field medicine to aid another country in need.

read more http://embassies.gov.il/UnGeneva/NewsAndEvents/Pages/Operation-Hospitals-of-Hope-11-November-2014-.aspx