les 10 pires décisions de l'UN 2014

10. U.N. Elects Iran to Women’s Rights Commission
9. U.N. Elects Elects New Human Rights Council Members: China, Russia, Cuba and Saudi Arabia
8. U.N. Creates Biased Inquiry into Hamas-Israel War, Declares Israel Guilty in Advance
7. U.N. Picks Genocidal Sudan to Oversee Human Rights Activists
6. U.N. “Sees No Objection” to Praising Qatar’s Human Rights Record
5. As 9/11 Truther Richard Falk Exits, U.N. Names His Wife and Co-Author to Top Human Rights Post
4. UNRWA Hands Rockets in Gaza Schools Back to Hamas Terrorists
3. U.N. Names Anti-Israel Judge to Head Gaza Inquiry
2. U.N. rewards murderous Syrian regime with top post on human rights committee
1. U.N. Adopts 20 Resolutions on Israel vs. 4 on Rest of World Combined

si on pouvait cela nous ferait rire, mais cela nous fait juste pleurer.

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