Press Release from the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations in Geneva

Conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions – Israel's reaction





Press Release from the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations in Geneva:



The conference convened today in Geneva is another example of a multilateral mechanism falling victim to an anti-Israel agenda, moving the parties away from negotiations and undermining the universality and integrity of the Geneva conventions.


Whether the convening of this conference is the result of Arab pressure, a distorted interpretation of the Geneva conventions, a desire to coerce Israel into succumbing to a political dictate or any other motive, it will serve only to further immune terrorist groups targeting civilians and using their own civilians as human shields.


However, it won't stop Israel from implementing its primary obligation to its citizens – to provide them with security and protect them from merciless and fanatic terrorists, which do not hide their desire to see Israel wiped-off the map of the Middle East.


The conference convened today in Geneva was a political exercise, lacking any basis in the Geneva conventions. Instead of strengthening International Law, it would undermine respect for it. It will further encourage moves by the Palestinians in other international bodies, and sends President Abbas the message that unilateral action is preferable to direct negotiations with Israel.


This conference is sending a very clear message. It confers legitimacy on terrorist organizations and dictatorial regimes wherever they are, while condemning a democratic country fighting terrorism in accordance with international law.


History teaches us, that there cannot be one law for the Jewish state and another for all other states.


We appreciate the countries which chose not to take part in today's meeting.


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