Memorandum on the decisions of UN human rights council

Memorandum on the decisions of UN human rights council


The Israel Friendship Associations signing this memorandum are appealing to their Governments:


On November 29th 2012 the General Assembly of the United Nations granted Palestine the status of a Non-Member Observer State. May we remind you that the status of an Observer State does not only contain rights but also duties, especially the one to abstain from threatening violence and the use of violence, as it is prescribed in the charter of the UN.


Unfortunately, since the decision of the UN, there has been no stabilisation of the situation. On the contrary, we are right now witnessing another armed conflict between Israel and the US- and EU- designated terror group Hamas.


In this context, the UN Human Rights Council decided on July 23rd 2014, that Switzerland as depository state of the Geneva Convention should prepare a conference on the ongoing war in Gaza. At the same time, it was decided to establish an independent, international commission of inquiry to investigate “all violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law in the Palestinian Territory“.


In our opinion the two decisions of the UN Human Rights Council, the minutes of its special session from July 23rd, in particular the statements of the represented nations, leave no doubt, as to what purpose the conference and the commission of inquiry are pursuing: they clearly condemn Israel and only Israel by majority decision. Where is the condemnation of Hamas and their use of civilians as human shields to protect their weapons, rockets and mortars? Where is the condemnation of the Hamas terror attack tunnels compromising Israel’s security?


We implore you to change your biased course regarding the conference and the biased mandate for the commission of inquiry. Given the duties the Palestinians, including Hamas, have undertaken when accepting the status of Observer-State, the inquiry must examine their actions as well. Taking a different position would ridicule the decision from November 29th 2012 and the repeated terror attacks from Hamas on Israel would once more remain without consequence by the community of states.


We state that Hamas since the ceasefire in November 2012 and the subsequent decision of the UN General-Assembly on November 29th, has massively increased their missile stocks, rockets and mortars and have built a huge labyrinth under Gaza to tunnel into Israel with the express desire to kill Israeli civilians and to kidnap Israeli soldiers right under the eyes of the community of states.


It is time that the UN Human Rights Council issues a truthful statement regarding the current situation in Israel and Gaza and be seen to be fair and even handed to both Israelis and Palestinians.





  • Associacao de Amizade Portugal-Israel


  • Anglo-Israel Association


  • Česká Společnost Přátel Izraele


  • Cultural Friendship Association Romania-Israel


  • Dansk-Israelsk Selskab


  • Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft (DIG)


  • Društvo srpsko-jevrejskog prijateljstva


  • Federazione delle Associazioni Italia-Israele


  • FRANCE-ISRAEL. Alliance Général KOENIG.


  • Genootschap Nederland Israel


  • Gesellschaft Schweiz Israel (GSI)


  • Ireland Israel Friendship League


  • Irish 4 israel


  • Les amitiées Belgo-Israélienne


  • Magyar-Izraeli Baráti Társaságok és Körök Országos Szövetsége


  • Med Israel for fred (Norway)


  • Österreichisch-Israelische Gesellschaft (ÖIG)


  • Samfundet Sverige-Israel





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