Study: An Overwhelming 86% of Israelis Are Happy, Despite the Conflict

According to an official survey published yesterday by Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, an overwhelming 86% of Israelis reported that they are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their lives, the equivalent of 4.3 million citizens.

14% of Israelis are reported to be unsatisfied.

The survey was conducted to discover the personal well-being of Israeli citizens, and is based on responses from 4,700 Israelis aged 20 and over. The findings show that 53% of participants are satisfied financially, with 39% saying they expect their financial state to improve in the future.

65% of respondents said that they are able to pay their monthly expenses without experiencing any problems.

On the other side of the poll, 27% said they feel stressed out, either infrequently or constantly, with 19% saying they lose sleep over worrying. 34% said that they experience sleeping problems, whether just "sometimes" or "frequently."

While the public consensus may have shifted since the outset of Operation Protective Edge, Israeli citizens remain optimistic, and patriotic. Americans and Canadians continue to make aliyah, and those who already live there (my sister included) show no sign of returning to the West any time soon.

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