help us, we are sex slaves

On a hidden phone and in secret phone calls, a Yezidi girl held with 200 others as war booty by Islamic State (IS/ISIS) militants near Mosul painted a tragic picture of girls being singled out daily as sex slaves, and some committing suicide.

Every day, IS fighters visit the prison hall to pick out the prettiest for their emirs, said the girl, who is 24 and whose name is being withheld by Rudaw for her safety.

“Three to four times a day they visit the hall.  The girls plead with them for a bullet in the head to put them out of their misery,” she said in between sobs in a secret phone call to a Rudaw reporter.

She said that about 200 Yezidi Kurdish women were being held in a big prison hall near Baaji county in Mosul province.


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