Under Rocket Fire from Gaza, Humanitarian Aid Continues

Israeli Crossing into Gaza Re-opened After Rocket Fire from Hamas


Israeli Crossing into Gaza was just re-opened after deliberate and continuous rocket fire by Hamas all day yesterday.

Israel took the exceptional decision to close the crossing in order to protect the lives of workers and traders after intentional rocket fire at the Kerem Shalom Crossing on Sunday August 10, during which trucks carrying flammable materials to the Gaza Strip were almost hit. The crossing was open throughout Operation Protective Edge despite constant firing in its vicinity and is the sole artery for the passage of vital humanitarian goods and equipment to the residents of the Gaza Strip.


Starting at 06:00 Israel time on Sunday, 10 August, several rockets were intentionally fired at the Kerem Shalom Crossing between Israel and Gaza, hitting working areas of the crossing. Despite this, the transfer of goods continued until the afternoon hours, with over 30 trucks laden with humanitarian equipment entering the Gaza Strip. At approximately 12:30, an additional barrage of rockets was fired, directly hitting the crossing compound. It was decided not to endanger the workers at the site and to halt the transfer of goods until further notice.



Watch video of rocket fire hitting the crossing yesterday:




Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge on 8 July, the Kerem Shalom Crossing has facilitated the passage of thousands of trucks laden with medical and hygiene equipment, food products, raw materials, textiles, animal food, cleaning materials and home utensils, as well as gas and fuels.


The transfer of goods has been carried out in order to render humanitarian assistance to civilians living in the Gaza Strip.



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IDF Field Hospital Treats Gaza Civilians

By Rivka Borochov


The hospital is providing medical care to civilians injured during the current operation in Gaza. Israeli medical relief workers have earned a name worldwide for their expertise in hitting the ground running in conflict and in turmoil. This was true in Haiti, when in January 2010 Israel’s IDF Medical and Rescue Team set up a lifesaving field hospital in Port-Au-Prince to offer urgent medical care to earthquake victims, and in 2011 when Israel did the same in Japan after a devastating tsunami.


This time, Israel has set up a field hospital at the Erez Crossing, on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip. The aim of the field hospital, which opened on Sunday, July 20, is to provide humanitarian care to Gazan civilians injured during the current conflict between the Israel Defense Forces and Hamas terrorists.


Major Guy Inbar, spokesperson for the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), said that, as of August 11, the field hospital had treated 51 people. Among them were women, children and the elderly. This is despite efforts by Hamas to dissuade Gazans in urgent need of care from visiting the facility.


Click here for Daily Report of August 10th : http://www.cogat.idf.il/Sip_Storage/FILES/5/4545.pdf



Israeli NGO Treats Gaza Children


Meanwhile, Tamar Shapira, spokesperson and international director of Save A Child’s Heart (SACH), said that their doctors and staff are committed to continuing their work, regardless of the present situation.


SACH offers lifesaving pediatric heart surgery and follow-up care to children from developing countries, including Palestinian children. Since 1996, SACH has operated on more than 2000 children from 30 different countries. Normally, every Tuesday SACH’s volunteer doctors open their clinic at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon to give free cardiology exams and advice to parents of children with heart defects and related problems. This typically includes 15 or 20 patients from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and sometimes from other Arab countries.



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