Under Rocket Fire from Gaza, Humanitarian Aid Continue

Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge (8 July) 673 trucks entered Gaza Strip via Kerem-Shalom crossing, carrying food, medicines and medical equipment.

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Since the beginning of the operation the following amounts were provided to the Palestinians via Kerem-Shalom crossing:

    • 2.8 million liters of diesel for the power station in Gaza Strip
    • 1.4 million liters of fuel
    • 304,000 liters of gasoline for transportation
    • 1084 tons of gas for domestic needs.


Erez Crossing: Since the beginning of the operation, 1,272 Palestinians entered Israel from Gaza and 1,066 from Israel into Gaza. So far, Israel has coordinated 27 cases of back-to-back ambulance procedures, mainly from Gaza to Israel (58 Palestinian patients were hospitalized in Israel) and Jordan, but also vice versa. 247 Jordanian field hospital staff members crossed into Gaza to replace their colleges. 1000 units of blood from Jordan and the Red Cross were transferred to Gaza.

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On Saturday, 19 July, since the Kerem Shalom Crossing was closed due to Hamas attacks, five trucks entered Gaza Strip via the Erez Crossing, carrying 100 tons of medicines and medical equipment (antibiotics, first aid kitsbaby food etc.).

Medical supplies enter Gaza, July 19, 2014
Medical supplies Gaza enter Gaza, July 19, 2014
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On Sunday evening (20 July) Israel opened a field hospital near the Erez Crossing in order to tend injured and sick Palestinian civilians.

Since the beginning of the operation, Israel has carried out 24 infrastructural repairs: 10 electrical repairs; 10 water supply repairs; 2 sewage repairs; 2 communication repairs. 

On Friday (18 July), two high voltage lines supplying electricity from Israel to northern Gaza Strip were repaired, despite the dangers to which Israeli Electrical Corporation workers were exposed due to Hamas firing rockets on this area. The two lines provide a total of 25 Mega-Watt from Israel to some 40,000 people in the Gaza Strip.

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